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About Agromec


Since 2001, AGROMEC has contributed to agricultural progress through the production and distribution of Fertilizers, Crop Protection, Public Health products, seeds, Irrigation and Agricultural Equipment and through a global range of products and a wide array of Services.

Our success was built by anticipating and fulfilling the needs of farmers efficiently and innovatively. Although production and distribution remain its core activities, the company also offers through its various affiliates a versatile and comprehensive range of related services. Managers for over thirty years. Business development plays a central role in the company efforts to pursue promising opportunities regarding the sales of new products, strategic acquisitions and geographic expansions. By representing various multinational companies in all Middle East and African area, our team is continuously searching for ways to become more and more professional, up to date and efficient.

Logistics and Market Development department:

Our Teams work interactively to develop the markets. New strategy is born after several studies and analysis of every market in each country. And after gathering every new idea by each active person. After approval, this strategy is then put into action.

Registration department:

Through our registration department we have managed to support the company in all the process of registration, starting from preparing the needed documents to the follow up and successful registration in the ministries. With our experience through the years, we now have the most competitive team who is able to guide our customers through every step

Sales department:

Our Sales department sends a team to each country to follow up the market and sales of every registered product. This team presents a weekly report to the department about the status of the sales and development. In his turn, the Sales department sends a monthly report to the Logistics and Market Development department, for every product in every country.

Product Range and Services:

Crop Protection:

AGROMEC deals with agrochemicals, Insecticides, Fungicides, Accaricides, Herbicides, and distribute to all Middle East and African Countries. The quality of these products is our primarily concern.

Public Health:

We offer a wide variety of Fly Control Products, Rodenticides, Insecticides.


We produce our own NPK Crystalline, Granular, Powder and Liquid fertilizers in our factory, dealing with:


Trace Elements, Iron Chelated 6%, Seaweed Extract.


We have a high quality variety of seeds produced in USA. Since 2010 we have started by buying programs and follow up new varieties with very well-known breeders.

Animal Health:

We have started since 2008 with our own products by signing a contract manufacture with well-known suppliers to produce on our behalf.

Our Factories:

In our highly modernized factory in Lebanon, we produce a wide range of superior quality Fertilizers and Public Health products. With only the latest technology and cutting-edge machines, we furthermore offer outstanding repackaging services for third party companies operating in our region.

Our fertilizer factories in both Egypt and Jordan, as well as our renowned suppliers from Europe and USA, continuously supply us with the raw material needed in substantial quantities, expanding our production capacity to reach and serve different markets in an efficient and timely fashion.


AGROMEC Looks forward to servicing every Need in every country, economically and ecologically with the Multinational Products and a wide array of services. By strengthening its commitment to agricultural progress, AGROMEC is reaffirming its leadership and is forging a path to a bright future.

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