Chemical Waste Management

Hazardous Chemical waste is defined as any substance that poses a health threat to humans or could cause damage to the environment, if not managed correctly. Chemical waste can be generated by many sources, ranging from chemical laboratories and industrial manufacturing, to the disposal of household batteries or cleaning fluids. It comes in many physical forms and could be a solid, sludge, liquid or gas, or a combination of these forms. As a rule of thumb, a chemical is considered to be hazardous if it’s flammable at temperatures below 60°C (140°F); or if it is corrosive, and has a pH lower than 2 or higher than 12.5. It will also be classed as hazardous if it is unstable, explosive or reacts violently with water; or if it is toxic and could harm people or the local ecosystem.


It’s imperative to manage chemical waste correctly, to ensure the safety of not only the environment but most importantly Public health. Poorly managed chemical waste can for example contaminate water sources impacting both aquatic and human life.

That is why It is important to take actions that will reduce the effects of waste on the environment and human health. FROM HERE STARTS OUR JOB:


We offer compliant, affordable, and sustainable services helping you deal with the complexities of hazardous materials, from disposal and transportation to training and consultation.

Our Experts can assist your organization in the identification, segregation, storage, transportation, recycling, and disposal of a wide variety of hazardous and non-hazardous waste. We provide nationwide trusted, affordable service.

We handle a wide variety of waste types. (Oil, fluids, pesticide, chemicals, paints, solvents…)
We accompany you through:


  •  Recording, sampling and analysis of the hazardous Materials and waste to be disposed
  • Planning, creation of concepts for the takeover/disposal of hazardous substances and waste
  • Proper packaging
  • Proper loading
  • Harmless disposal and recycling




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